Stop talking and just do it!

I am not writing this not just as good advice, but as a mental note for myself. I have started realizing all the people around me, whether it’s family or strangers, who are “talkers”.

Talkers are those people that have great ideas or great intentions, but just never follow through 100% on their beliefs. I have been a talker many times in my life, whether it’s through eating right, exercising, meeting a deadline, etc…

One of the areas I have seen people do the most “talking” in and have no “follow through” is diet and exercising. These are the “diet hoppers” who bounce from 1 diet to the next only to start a new one weeks later. The same goes for exercising.

Anyone can be a talker, but to make a change in your life, you need to take solid action and follow through 100%. If you don’t, you will never see the results that are ultimately in your grasp.

I often will say:

Yea, I am really going to get into exercising this week… or I am going to start business next week…

Do I ever follow through? NO.

If you want to be a talker your whole life, than that is your prerogative, but unfortunately you will probably lose the confidence in yourself along with the backing of friends and family. People will see through you given enough time if “talking” is all you’re capable of.

Take one aspect of your life…just one, that you have a problem in completing, whether it’s family life, dieting, exercising, finances, or anything else and take a stand. Follow through 100% with the task and see the results you are looking for. It IS possible; it just takes effort and patience.