Stop the Money Leakages now!

Do you want to live rich and retire richer? Rich enough to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Rich enough to stop worrying about [tag]money[/tag]? If the answer is “YES”, then dont stop now, keep reading.

I am of the school of thought that you have to keep a money diary so as to be able to track your daily expenses. This has given me a clear picture of how and what I spend my money on. Taking a look at the excel sheet which serves as my MONEY DIARY over the weekend reveals something I have not noticed in a very long time. I spend an average of 150 naira daily in the morning on refreshment outside what I spend on breakfast…

This means I spend an average of 750 naira every week and 3,000 naira every month. This is despite the fact that I seldom miss my breakfast. This is alarming considering what I spend the money on.

You might not find yourself in my shoe and therefore think you are free from these leakages. But wait… what about the hanging out at the club every evening? Yours might even be on Friday evening. It may even be that you can’t do without taking a bottle of soft drink with your meal. You need to watch it. This is the little drop of water that becomes the ocean.

You may think this is a small amount compared to how much you currently earn but a look at other things we spend our money on will reveal some money leakages. This might be the reason why you still believe that you need a raise or that what you are currently earning is not enough. What you definitely need is [tag]Money Management[/tag] Skill. I believe that You dont need more money yet. So, start the process now. Keep a money diary and Stop the Money Leakage…

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