The ball is in your court!

Posted On August 21, 2006 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin

Today happens to be one of the days I dont feel like coming to work. Anyway, I still managed to put myself together and went straight to office. Why? The picture of the great future I am gradually creating for myself couldnt allow me to stay back at home. What for? The urgency to give back to my society drove me out of the house 🙂

I came out of NYSC Orientation Camp in 2003 (having waited for 15 months after graduation to be part of this exercise) with no clear picture of what lied ahead. But the fact was made real to me. I had been deployed to a village with no INTERNET ACCESS and GSM coverage. I couldnt imagine staying one whole week without having access to my mails. It would have been living for like 2 days without drinking water. Hm.. something within me kept telling me that I was not meant for that place. What would happen to all the lofty ideas I planned to execute during service year?

What would happen to all the [tag]dreams[/tag]? The great plans? My aspirations for the year? The questions were countless and I seemed not to be able to provide the solutions. Almost everybody around did not know the solution either. Nobody, I mean, really knew what lied ahead. But I made up my mind to give it all I had got. [tag]Motivations[/tag] to hold on came from the pictures of future I carry within me and the desire to [tag]succeed[/tag].

Waking up the following morning, I discovered that I had joy unlimited – the joy of seeing my dreams achieved. There and there, I decided to create the environment needed to achieve my dreams. I chose to effect the change to the city where I would have access to the internet. I did set out, first, to secure a placement at the state capital and then proceeded to see the State Director whom everybody believed was the only one that could effect the change. In the long run, I got a placement in a private university and eventually got State Director’s approval to redeploy to the university for my NYSC.

My dreams paved way for action and the actions to the result – redeployment to the city. In a matter of days, I got a new place in the state capital and was able to effect the desired change of location. The roads seemed too far but the passion derived from the dreams saw me through. This experience has been able to teach me two great lessons as regards life.

If you want the rainbow in life, you have to be willing to put up with the rain!

If you really want to live, you would better start at once to try!

So, what are you waiting for? Start to create the future you so desire NOW.

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