The journey actually started about 8 years ago…

I finished my Computer Programming assignment (CSC 202 – Fortan Programming) in record time but still had the urge to play around with the Fortran Programming language I had learnt few weeks earlier. Within few hours, I came up with different other versions of the code that could perform the task required by the assignment. The assignment was a computer code to help National Youth Service Corps automate the deployment of the graduating students to the 36 states available as well as the Federal Capital Territory. The code was to ensure that no graduating student is deployed to his/her state of origin. Moreover, married graduating students were expected to be deployed to the state where their husbands reside.

My friend (I call him my twin brother) and I then started customising this code for fellow students who had problems writing their codes. This exercise was itself free but we eventually earned some cash from the sales of Computer diskettes :-d Unknown to me, a seed was shown in me. That, definitely was the beginning of my entrepreneur’s journey. From 1998 till date, I have been involved in quite a number of business ventures – some I tried out with some friends and later drop, some have RC number from CAC but without the strength to handle the challenges ahead (no wonder, we all went our different ways) and others I am still trying out with my friends-in-progress.

I remember vividly one of such business ventures. The company started as a discussion between friends after one of the church services we attended in those days. We all saw a problem and at the same time decided to provide the solution. Hence, the birth of the company. The company started with full force with 10 people as directors (maybe the number even accounted for early exit of the company). We were never shot of ideas to implement and we even went to the extent of seeking the counsel of established business men. On one occassion, the MD and myself went to see one lady who was and is doing pretty fine in her business. She does not only help us to trash our business case, she also gave us the necessary confidence we need to go ahead. She made us to paint the picture of what clearly lie ahead.

The breakthrough (or I thought we had a breakthrough) came when we got a contract with one of the blue chip companies in the country. This, definitely, was an opportunity I thought we’d utilise but we found ourselves in a situation we could not handle. Before I could comprehend the turn of events, we were left with 4 people. What happened? 6 other directors left to pick up a paid-employment. Eventually, I had to run for cover myself. I would share my experience in subsequent write-ups.

I presently work with a Telecommunication company in Nigeria (a place I see as the school after school) though I still run my businesses side by side. The good news is that I have started working on my EXIT PLAN. I would be seeking the help of my mentors also in the next few days. Meanwhile, I would be keeping accurate records of my entrepreneural journey. Who knows? Someone out there might be able to offer the word(s) that might turn to be the solution to the challenges young people face. So, stay tuned as I share my experience and that of other that have blessed me…

NB: My focus is on Internet solution, Business Development, Product Managament and people development… So holla me if your interest lies within any of these.