There is a science to get rich

Have you ever asked yourself the question why it seems things are only working for some set of people? I once asked myself this question and later find out that these set of people are only pressing the right buttons. Our world comprises people who have tasted success, people whose life is success – personified and those who understand what it means to be a success in life. Why is then that so many people are still far behind?

The simply truth is that some people know how to press the right buttons. They have mastered the art of getting whatsoever they want, how they want it, when they want it and in what quantity they want it. The funniest thing is that these same set of people live in our environment. We even meet with them at some of the major restaurants in town. But still, we have not asked ourselves the ultimate question – what is it that they are doing that is making them successful?

Because of this, you have not deemed it fit to study their lives so as to pattern your lifestyle after them. However, I would like you to consider briefly one [tag]habit[/tag] that have differentiated the rich from the poor, the [tag]success[/tag] from the failure and those who are affecting their generation from those who are not yet. These are habits because they need to become part of ones life for a successful life. A [tag]personal commitment[/tag] to imbibe all these will surely lead to a lifestyle full of pleasures.

[tag]Dream[/tag] – What is it that you want to do? Every major achievement in life starts with a dream. The whole world started with a dream by God. There is nothing in existence today that has not passed through the dream stage. Bill Clinton was asked what he would like to become when he was about age 3. His reply? Your guess is as correct as mine. He did not mince word in his response. He replied that he would like to become the president of United States of America. No wonder, he becomes one of the most celebrated presidents United States has ever produced.

I am sure someone will be saying that can only happen in America. What about the likes of our own Pat Utomi (Leap Frog Ventures, Lagos Business School and Bank PHP etc), Bishop Oyedepo (Living Faith Church), Bose Ayeni (Tantalisers), Bunmi Oni (Cadbury Nigeria), Sunny Ojeagbase (SuccessDigest), Ayo Arowolo (Moneywise), Larry Izamoje (Brila FM)? These are people who have achieved so much in their fields. Their dreams have come true. There is nothing you can achieve in life without starting with a dream.

DREAMS are the important foundation upon which all [tag]achievements[/tag] are built. Through dreams, you determine indirectly what your future becomes. It is, therefore, time for you to [tag]Pick-Your-Future[/tag]. So, what pictures are in your mind? Start today to determine the course of your life by dictating the pictures you allow to stay in your mind.