Think Big

We often struggle through life looking for the so-called answers which we think will lead us to happiness. One truth we often ignore is that the answers can be learned from children. I still remember vividly my childhood days (I am still a child oh:-d). I can still remember the many aspirations I had then while growing up. Nothing just seemed impossible to me then.

Children have many beautiful qualities and they know how to imagine. They have their whole life in front of them and they dream big dreams. Often time, parents, teachers, coaches and etc tell children that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up.

Children are always in the world of their own. They cant just see any reason why they cant have everything they want in life.

They only have to wait their time to make their dreams come true.

We all can dream big dreams and think big thoughts. We just have to use our imagination. It is sad to think about how we often forget to think big about ourselves and our lives. Are you making your dreams a reality? If not, what happened?

You can blame it on your situations, you can even blame other people, but the truth is that you are the only one who can stand in the way of your dreams. Hopefully, this is a liberating statement. It is also never too late to think big. You have nothing to lose to think big. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by thinking big about yourself. So, stretch your imagination and look beyond once believed limitations.

The rest of your life is in front of you. With this in mind, start now to let go of past fears and negative experiences. Understand this fact. You can have or do whatever you like. Can you imagine yourself as someone who is making a contribution to life? How big can you think? What kind of things would you like to do?

It is important for us to realize that our lives do count, that we do have a purpose and that we do make a contribution. If you can already see yourself as an important factor, look even bigger. Think Bigger About Yourself. If you are not yet fulfilled by your life then it means you have to stretch your thinking about yourself. Once this pattern gets started, you will get all kinds of fresh, creative ideas about yourself and your life. Your inner beauty and self esteem will begin to shine.

Our lives are made up of the things we have thought about. Our dreams can become a reality so make sure that the thoughts and dreams are big enough. How big can you think? Start now… THINK BIG!

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