Time is running out


Time is running out. This is the plain truth. January is almost over and before you know what is happening, we would soon be in December. Have you just be living each day without carefully considering what you do with your time? Now is the right time for you to pause and reflect on the value of time and how important it is that you create priorities.

If you are yet to create plans of what you want to achieve this year, you may need to take out some hours to do this. It is never too late to put up one together. It is better to be late than to not to have one. One of the basic tenets of goal setting is that you choose, in advance, how you are going to allocate your time. This helps to ensure that you use it in the best way that will move you towards achieving your goals.

You may not have heard the phrase “the time value of money“. But I want you to consider this scenario carefully. A dollar in your hand today is worth more than a dollar in your hand a year from now. Why? The key difference is what you can do with that dollar next year. You can invest that dollar right now in any business or even in an interest – bearing project and have $1.05 at the end of the year. If you decide to take your money in a year, your [tag]opportunity[/tag] cost (foregone investment) will be five cent. Not to mention what inflation will have done to your purchasing power within the time frame under consideration.

Now think about how many hours you are losing each time you engage in those irrelevant activities. Apply the same thought process to when you ARE actually working – maximizing your time. Decide what better use of your time IS every time. Having this at the back of your mind always will ensure that you always decide what the best use of your time will be. Time is money and money is time. So, choose today invest them wisely.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this short movie.


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