Watch that relationship

Wise people avoid negative souls like a plague. Some people can never see the good in anything. If you want to go somewhere in your life, you must first learn to avoid such people. “It can’t be done” “Oh, things can work here”. These same people can give you a million reasons why things can’t just work. They will give you enough reasons why you should not waste your time trying to do anything. They will even give you reasons why what you are doing now can’t succeed.

My dear, there is no challenge facing you today that is peculiar to you alone. Our issues are HUMAN issues! Simple! The only way out is for you to surround yourself with high – energy individuals. Do not waste your time with people who are going nowhere. Believe me, they are those who would know all the richest people in this world when they turn fifty, when they shall have returned back to their villas. They will have no result to show forth but many stories. They will be glad to associate with success but do not want to go through the process themselves.

“That man called minister of finance was my mate in school”, most of them would say.

They just believe nothing can work! Look, just excuse yourself from them, for they see only an ugly world, which is simply a mirror image of what they conceive inside. The responsibility to choose your friends lies solely on you. Friendship is not by force, it is by choice. God has given everyone the power to choose whom you associate with. You have the responsibility to choose your friends wisely. You do not need perfect people but you need people that want to grow like you, and that are teachable.

Do these people give regard for life itself? And how do they see their parents, and the opposite sex?
Now, let’s balance up a little. That you should avoid negative people does not mean that you have to become paranoid. One strategy I see that is very good here still falls on your ability to value people, and to recognize the right peg for a particular hole when you meet one. You have got to master the art of working with people. There is hardly anything you can do in this world without people.

Some people will come into your life and you’ll have to curse the day you met them. Whereas, when you come across some other, you’d wish you had met them before that time because of the level of impact they have on you. Your responsibility is therefore to identify the right set of people and move with them.

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