Wharton MBA Admissions Director Visits Africa

Posted On October 25, 2005 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin
Wharton MBA

I came across this piece of information in one of my mailing lists and I decide to share it with all. Tom Caleel, the Wharton MBA Director of Admissions will be visiting Africa soon. The visit is to ensure that prospective students from Africa get to learn more about the Wharton MBA program – what makes the program unique and what it takes to get in. A host of other Wharton alumni will also be present to help answer people’s questions as well as help people to understand how the Wharton experience can help them live out their passion.

For additional information and to sign up for any of these events, please click on the links below.

Tanzania – November 1, 2005

Kenya – November 2, 2005

Egypt – November 7, 2005

Nigeria – November 10, 2005

Ghana – November 11, 2005

South Africa – November 13, 2005

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