What do you carry inside?

The time was 11:15pm and I was lying on my bed reading a book written by one of my mentors when I suddenly had a flashback on something I had read long time ago…

Nobody chooses his color or his country but one can definitely chooose what one becomes in life. Everything is all about right habit.

A ballon with surely fly in the air as long as it contains air irrespective of its color or shape. It does not matter what color the balloon is nor does it matter the size or shape. What matters is the strength within it. A balloon with black color will even fly higher than one with white color if the black one contains more air that the white one.

The same principle applies to you and me. What determines how high we fly in life is what we have inside of us. This is the difference between the rich and the poor, those who succeed and those who fail. The question now is, “What do you carry inside?

Can you boldly say that you have the right configuration for success? If your answer is NO, there is still much hope for you but you have to make a conscious effort, henceforth, to feed only on the right meal. Listen to that tape, read that book or even attend that seminar… It will do you more good than you can ever imagine. So, choose NOW to feed on the right diet and your life will never remain the same…

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