What drives your startups?

Posted On October 24, 2005 | Written by Emmanuel Oluwatosin
what drives your startup?

I was reading an article by Mark Henricks Wall Street Journal and discovered that freedom and not money really drives the successful startup entrepreneurs. Lifestyle entrepreneurs should not just be wealth accumulators. Focus should be more on how many problems you have been able to solve through your solution and not how much you have accumulated. I am not saying that accumulating wealth is not good but that should not be your main focus for starting that business. There is no way you will keep solving problems and money will not flow in your direction.

So many things will happen along the way to test your business idea and strength. The only things that will sustain you will be your motivations – what drives you. If money accumulation is the only reason you are in business, it is most likely that you will not survive the storm when it comes. I have been involved in quite a few startups and I must say that most times, you have to keep investing in the business. You just have to keep putting back all your income into the business. So, what keeps me moving? My decision to affect my generation. I seek constantly to solve problems many term impossible.

So, look within and determine the reasons WHY you are starting that business…

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