Why not do it now?

It is just amazing how much we loose from [tag]procrastination[/tag]. Each time you procrastinate, you are definitely paying for that some how. It might not look obvious now, but you will soon find out. This is the case with me and I am sure you might also be experiencing the same.

Some years ago, I made a decision to separate a certain amount of money monthly into an [tag]investment[/tag] account. This goes on for some time until suddenly I allowed it to slip off. Before I knew what was happening, I was far from this [tag]decision[/tag].

Something happens today that brings to mind this decision I took then. I was looking through the daily stock report and I noticed that the value of a share I had bought 2 years ago has increased by about 144%. I didnt know when I screamed. Imagine if I had continued with the monthly contribution? Perhaps, I would have more of that company’s shares today.

This is the same thing that happens each time you procrastinate. It is like playing now and paying later. What is it that you are presently considering doing? Is it to take a new course? Do you feel you need to change your career or start that business? The time to ACT is NOW. If you keep waiting for the right time, you would never do anything. Today is definitely the right time. Just put yourself together and take the necessary step. It might not be easy in the beginning but you would soon adjust to this new lifestyle and you would be glad you take the [tag]ACTION[/tag]. So, what are you waiting for? Just DO IT now

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