Why not stop planning now and start ACTING…

In year 2002, myself and 9 other people set out to establish what we thought would be a fast growing telecommunication company. Everything seemed to be working for us then until suddenly the dream started slipping off our hand. What could be wrong? I definitely couldnt comprehend my experience at that time but now I know better.

CCL – the company under consideration – had the potential to rise to within top 3% of companies providing Value Added Services in Nigeria but today we are very far from it. We had qualified people on the team to fill every department of the company. In fact, two of us then were already working with companies in the same line of [tag]business[/tag] as CCL. This further gave me confidence that the team already had relevant skills and information required to build a great company but events soon proved me wrong.

I was involved in the start up of another company – www.nairahost.com – with two other colleagues within the same period and it has risen to no 2 [tag]web hosting[/tag] provider company in [tag]Nigeria[/tag] and we are gradually positioning it to take the no 1 spot within the next few months.

[tag]Nairahost[/tag] started as an idea between myself and another friend. The first day we spoke about it, we set out to launch. I can still remember that we had to put our funds together to get out first server then and today, the clients base shows we are progressing.

One of the differences between nairahost.com and CCL is that we started nairahost.com without no clear business plan. All we had then was our desire to provide affordable and reliable web hosting services to Nigerians. This has been our driving force even till now.

We may have achieved more with nairahost.com if we had started with a business plan but I can tell you that the service might still remain in the idea realm. Who knows? We might still be working on the business plan now.

Dont get me wrong… I am not saying you should not have a [tag]business plan[/tag] when starting out. In fact, a good business plan will help you to secure financing for your project and at the same time help you to chart the course for your business. What I am saying is that you have got to put LEG to that business plan. It is not enough to have a great idea on paper. You need to work on it even though you might not have been able to put your thought together on paper. Just start some how NOW.

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