Work for Yourself

I am not not saying that you should leave your current employment or rather [tag]start your own business[/tag] now. Very few people are cut out for business and will definitely not advise you to take that route if business is not passion. But wait… have you ever considered the fact that you can actually work for yourself while you are working for your present employer? The answer is YES. You can do this by making your [tag]money[/tag] to work for you. Surprised how you can achieve this? Just keep reading on…

In Stop the Money Leakages Now, I talked about the little things that take our money away. A little drop of water here and there gradually turns to an ocean. This might be the reason why most people find it hard to save out of their income. They can’t just see anything left after their expenses have been taken care of. If you are in this same scenario, I have GOOD NEWS for you. You can start today to take charge of your [tag]finances[/tag].

The typical working hours for most companies is 8am to 5pm. This implies that an average employee work for at least 8 hours every day. That makes it like 40 hours every week (if you are the type that works only from Monday till Friday). On average, you would be working for a minimum of 160 hours each month.

Let us assume that you are on a salary of N600, 000 per annum (N50, 000 per month). It means that you are being paid N312.50 per hour. Now, how much of that income do you save per hour? Or you don’t even save anything at all? If your answer is NO, then you need to start now. You may think that you have the necessary skills to stay employed for as long as you want. Why not consider the impact of you loosing your job on your lifestyle? I can hear you say this can never happen to you. What if it happens?

Start by paying yourself first now and put it in an investment portfolio. Open a Savings Account (I am not talking about the one connected to your ATM card) if you dont have one already and start putting a fixed percentage of your income into this account. You don’t need to understand the process before you start. Just DO IT somehow, seek counsel of a [tag]financial advisor[/tag] and you would be glad you did…

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