A man named Adam

The World’s Greatest Business Mind

I woke up this morning and saw a link from a friend – Ayobami Oladejo. He has just been named the world’s greatest [tag]business[/tag] mind. And virtually all the news media covered the story. World what?…some people  might say. How can this be? You may still be thinking in your mind.  But that is the truth. The guy has just won the award. And you too can do the same at this moment. I have just won the award myself. Surprised? Watch the video on this page. Then, remember to create your own link.

Everyone has what it takes to become the world greatest business mind. You just need start by believing in yourself. Yeah…the starting point is for you to believe that you can indeed be the world greatest mind. What is it that you want to achieve in life? What is your dream? Do you believe they are within your reach?

One thing you have to remind  yourself every time is that every major achievement in life starts with a dream. The whole world started with a dream by God. There is nothing in existence today that has not passed through the dream stage. Some years ago, I read that Bill Clinton was asked what he would like to become when he was about age 3. His reply? Your guess is as correct as mine. He did not mince word in his response. He replied that he would like to become the president of United States of America. No wonder, he became one of the most celebrated presidents United States has ever produced.

I am sure someone will be saying that can only happen in America. What about the likes of our own Pat Utomi (Leap Frog, Lagos Business School and Bank PhB), Bishop Oyedepo (Living Faith Church), Bose Ayeni (Tantalisers), Bunmi Oni (formerly of Cadbury Nigeria), Sunny Ojeagbase (SuccessDigest), Ayo Arowolo (Moneywise Club), Larry Izamoje (Brila FM)? These are people who have achieved so much in their fields. Their dreams have come true. There is nothing you can achieve in life without starting with a dream.

DREAMS can then be said to be an important foundation upon which all achievements are built. Through dreams, we determine indirectly what our future becomes. PICTURES mean Pick-Your-Future. So, do you think you can become the world’s greatest business mind? Start today to determine the course of your life by dictating the pictures you allow to stay in your mind.  You may need to watch the video on this page again.