Yeah, there is more available!

I was reading Deolu Akinyemi’s write-up and the understanding of the great opportunities that abound in Nigeria hit me strongly again. And yet many people find it hard to enjoy the kind of life they so desire. The number of university graduates keeps increasing each year but few jobs (or so they say) are available. Still, some manage to get the exact jobs they desire and even change jobs. Start-up companies are not even left out of this. 90% of start-ups companies fail within 5 years of existence while some other companies perform pretty well and compete favorably in today’s market.

I therefore set out to understand the differences between these two sets of people. I read and still reading biographies of successful people. My conclusion is that those who the world term ˜luckypeople that enjoy the kind of lifestyle they desire – are those that are always ready for their opportunity when it comes. They simply understand what they want in life, count the cost and decide to pursue their dreams and goals. One thing that is, therefore, needed by all is to equip oneself. You need to read that book, attend that seminar and even go for that training. There is no substitute for this except hard life.

The demographics and economic trends are in favour of a blooming market in Nigeria 5 to 10 years down the line. In 2001, 4 new GSM licenses were issued to interested companies. The result is so alarming. In just 5 years, the service delivery process is already been transformed. A typical example of this is the emergency of mobile payment solution. This just shows what a single reform can do to the economy of any country. So, locate a niche area and give it all you have got. This is the time to act. The truth is that if you fail to act now, you will still be where you are in 10 years and you will have yourself to blame for that ACT.

An adage says,

dont bite more than you can chew.

I would rather suggest that you bite more than you can chew. It will not kill you. It will only stretch you. Believe me, you can still hold on to that JOB and still get involved in other things (businesess, NGO etc). So, dont turn down that opportunity to make that impact our society so-desired. Many Nigerians are waiting for you to start that business. They need those services you want to render. Harness the opportunities that the society currently present and we all would be better for this.