You dont need more money!

The day was a Monday and the atmosphere was calm. It was as if it was going to rain. I had just heard the news that our salary had already been paid into our bank accounts. Only God could explain how happy and joyous many of us were to hear the news. I, therefore, did not waste time as I went to my bank immediately to collect the money.

To my utmost disappointment, I got to the bank only to discover that my account had not been credited with said salary. I became confused as I didn’t understand what the next line of action would be. I was at the bank later after some days to collect the money however.

The truth is that even if you don’t want to collect the money as soon as it is paid into your account, most people are always left with no other option. Many hardly had any money on them by the time the month is coming to an end. I could still remember the scenario that is peculiar to January of every year where it seems the month is always longer than expected. Most employers will not pay the salary until the last week in the month. Just imagine the situation many employees find themselves during this period. The saving grace of many might just be the foodstuff, which they have at home.

I am really sure the scenario above perfectly describes the situation you already find or might find yourself every month. It seems that you always need more money each month. Most employees believe that an average employer is only out there to use them and pay them peanut. While there might be elements of truth in this, I strongly believe that no amount of money is too small for you because there is always a way around everything.

Water rises or falls to its own level. It depends on how you see it. But I believe it rises to its level. Life is a journey. Money is condensed worth. No one can ever pay you your true worth. Just continue giving what you have regardless of how much you are paid. Your present salary is a seed in your hands. Work as though you are being paid N300, 000 say a month for your duties. You see, your worth is invariably what you believe in your heart, and it would one day be a reality. It is only quantified as so and so amount, but you really are inestimable. Salaries, stipends are just a means of appreciating your gestures and support to a vision – not your worth!

We have cases of people in Nigeria today who live only on an amount equivalent to the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) allowance – N7 500. These same set of people have family – wife, kids, and siblings – who so much depend on the same money for survival. Note that there is no other means of survival to these people apart from this money they collect as their wage every month.

Sometimes, this money does not even come regularly as many might not even collect it until maybe after 3 to 4 months. What then is their secret? How come some of these people are still alive today and doing fine? The answer lies in you. It all depends on how you are able to manage that money that comes your way.

How do you see money? Your answer to this determines what you will do to the next money that comes your way. What happens to the little N7 500 that comes your way now is exactly what will happen to N75 000 or even N750 000 if it ever comes your way. As such, there is need for all to take charge of their financial future. Your financial future is your responsibility. You, therefore, have to make a personal decision to treat money as a seed.

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