You owe yourself a living…

We are not promising you a living… You owe yourself a living. 

The representatives of one of the multi-national consulting outfit finished their career and recruitment presentation followed by a loud ovation by the people sitting at the hall.  You could see the excitement on the faces of people. The company’s human resource team were able to convince their audience to submit their job application to the company.

And came the time for questions and answers. The answer to one of the questions still rings a bell even days after the career talk. Someone asked a question about the career path that is available within the company. The answer, though simple, is something I feel you can apply to your life. The human resource manager made it clear that his company is not promising you a living. The company can only create a platform for you and you owe yourself a living.

How does this apply to you? Do you feel you are under-paid for your service? Or you feel your employer should pay you more for all the effort you are putting in at work? Every day you go to work and you sell your products or services with passion and belief in their abilities. But, how well can you sell ‘Me Ltd’? If you feel that you are underpaid for the work that you do, do you know how to increase your value that your employer will be willing to pay you premium to keep your service?

The responsibility lies with you. Start working on YOURSELF.  Sharpen your axe. You, and not your employer, owe yourself a living and the earlier you understand this truth, the better.  Don’t get a job that gives you the highest pay but rather one that matches your passion and allows you to express yourself. If you are currently working, understand your company vision and mission statement and then how you fit in. This is the starting point.

Constantly seek to be a person of value. As long as you keep improving and adding value to the business, your employer will do everything to keep your service. Shift the focus from your employer and work on yourself. Stop the blame game. Put in the extra effort and take up the responsibility to be the expert in your field. Your skills will soon stand you out from the crowd.