You will be Unstoppable


On a fairly regular basis, I get emails from people who say they want to have a home based business or be successful in network marketing.

BUT they do not have any money.

Most times these people just quit.

Or they go from one deal to the next, looking for the pie in the sky opportunity that will NEVER appear.

They use the EXCUSE that they do not have ANY money as the reason why they can not do Network Marketing or home based business and have success.

When I hear people say that they can not do network marketing because they do not have any money, the first thing that comes to mind is.

“You do not REALLY want to do this.”

Because IF you REALLY wanted to do this, you would FIND a way.

“How can you say that?”, you ask..

Say I challenged you by saying, “If you come up with 500 dollars by next Monday, I will give you 100,000 dollars.”

What do you think the odds are you would have 500 dollars by next Monday… 100%?

You see it is NOT about whether you have money, it is about whether or not you are motivated ENOUGH to TAKE ACTION.

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Let me give you an example.

Assume I live in Australia.

Lets say I wake up in the middle of the night and I want some ice cream.

But it is the middle of winter. It is 10 degrees outside and there is snow all over my car. If I really want ice cream I am going freeze my tail off, shovel off the snow and drive to the store in a car that does not have time to warm up.

But if I do not REALLY want ice cream bad enough to go through all the effort and discomfort, I am just going to roll over and go back to sleep.

I did not really want ice cream. I was just WISHING for ice cream.

There is a BIG difference between WANTING something and WISHING something.

MOST people are just WISHING for money, a better life, and nicer things. But they do not want to go through the EFFORT and DISCOMFORT of acquiring them.

They have bought into the lie that success is easy or happens like winning the lottery.

And all they do is look for reasons WHY they can not do something.

The problem with that approach is it becomes a way of life. And the only way you are going to change things is if ONE day you wake up and say.


I am going to do SOMETHING to change my life NOW.

And I am going to START TODAY.

And I am going to do WHATEVER I need to do, to accomplish MY DREAMS. Because no one else is going to do it for me.

There are ALWAYS going to be EXTERNAL obstacles and forces that tell you, that you can not do something.

But YOU have to KNOW what it is DEEP down inside that YOU really want.

Because without that you do NOT have FUEL to keep the FIRE burning HOT enough and LONG enough, to make the journey from FAILURE to SUCCESS.

So if you are saying, “I do not have any money.”

Then my response to you is… Do what you need to do and go here NOW:

If YOUR REASON is BIG enough and motivating enough, you will do WHATEVER it takes (morally and legally) to make it so

Because ONCE you find the thing that TRULY motivates you, there will be NO MORE EXCUSES.

You will be UNSTOPPABLE.

But you MUST have a BIG enough REASON why!


My prayer for you, is that you will take this message to mind and it will light a fire in your heart, so that you will be UNSTOPPABLE too in whatever you are called to do.

Yours successfully,
Emmanuel Oluwatosin

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  1. I guys, You people are really doing a wonderful job, keep it up and remain bless.

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