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I heard about a programme some weeks ago when it launched from the founder. I have some friends who have taken part in this programme and they have their testimonies to share. I have therefore decided to reproduce here an interview with the founder of the programme with the permission of the original author – Adeolu Akinyemi. The original post can be found here. So, if you are ready to make extra, $K, $2K or even $10K every week, read on.


This morning I got a text message from a lady friend, and I felt really happy for her. Her message was “UNBELIEVABLE in the history of MLM. I now make $20,000 every 7 days in holidays and cash”. I find that alarming (even though I think 1% of that is ok weekly), being aware that the company has been in operation globally for less than 3months. Unlike I have done with many opportunities in the past, I will not give you my perspectives about this one, I’ll just present you with information direct from the horse’s mouth and give you an opportunity to take your own decisions. I’m sorry for one thing though, I procrastinated a bit in bringing this information to you, I did not want to share unproven information.

I’m presenting this interview to you to make your own choices. I met Michael in the early part of this year while he was Marketing Director for Clubfreedom. He in fact went to church with me, and we chatted for a while. I have a lot of respect for him, and believe he’s a strong marketer, the type that any Network marketing business needs for sustainability. I present you, Michael Faust and Holiday and Cash.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Hello Michael, can you please introduce yourself? A bit?
Michael Faust says: Hi. I am a 45 year old entrepreneur with 25 years experience owning my own businesses, with 18 years of that being involved in the Network Marketing industry developing international teams, working at the corporate level, and consulting for the industry.  I am married with 2 children and live in Australia.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Wow… 18yrs in Network Marketing! How will you say the experience has been, and what are your thoughts about the Network Marketing Industry?
Michael Faust says: I have been passionate about the industry from day 1 and it has changed my life in ways nothing else could have.  I entered it at time when a successful business I owned was booming and I had just invested a lot of money to expand it only to find outside that circumstances outside our control devastated that business in less than 2 months costing us everything.  We entered Network Marketing for less than $500 and were able to replace our full-time income from a part-time effort in less than 3 months.  It was amazing. I also entered the industry with a stutter, a speech impediment, where I could barely get my name out meeting people so I was NOT your typical stereotype to be successful.  When they told me to start making a list of 100 people and phoning them you may as well asked me to climb mount Everest…but I decided that I would not let my stuttering be an excuse.  So I created a goal to overcome my stutter and speak in front of an audience of people in 2 years.  A year later I spoke in front of an audience of 1000 people at our first company’s convention and hardly stuttered once!  You could say this industry made me the person I am today, a confident communicator who impacts the lives of thousands.  This industry allows people to [tag]DREAM[/tag] BIG and achieve BIG by helping others.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Wow, that’s a lot…
Michael Faust says: I believe there has never been a better time to be in Network Marketing because the world’s economic foundation is being rocked at the core.   Greed, the get rich quick attitude and put it on credit attitude have now failed people, businesses, banks and governments, so people are open more than ever to a better way to create success and live their lives.  Our industry allows people to get started with NO debt, convert spare time into a new income stream, and succeed by helping others succeed….it’s a new paradigm that’s time has come!

Adeolu Akinyemi says: You really do believe in the possibilities that can be created by the Network Marketing Industry
Michael Faust says: Absolutely

Adeolu Akinyemi says: I know you are the CEO and founder of Holiday and Cash… can you tell me what this is about, and how marketing this product can be beneficial to Nigerians?
Michael Faust says: Holidays and Cash is a new company that has a mission to help people access fantastic savings on all their travel needs and by simply sharing these great benefits they can qualify for weekly cash rewards that can pay for all their dream vacations year after year, as well as generate a weekly income stream that could pay for all their lifestyle choices.  We are passionate about helping ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives if they are prepared to dream, and put action behind those dreams following a proven, simple plan for success. In less than 10 weeks we have members in 43 countries with Nigeria being our most successful market so far where our top leaders are earning more than $5,000 USD a week!

Adeolu Akinyemi says: That’s great, Nigerians are very passionate people, anything Nigerians get involved in, is likely to have them on top. But tell me two things… How does this company affect Nigerians… and how can an average Nigerian get to earn this much
Michael Faust says: What do you mean by affect Nigerians?

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Simply put. Why should I as a Nigerian join H&C and how do I earn?
Michael Faust says: Whether it be a Nigerian or anyone else in the world people still have the same dreams.  They love to escape the day to day grind of life, take time off on a holiday with their family and visit the amazing places around the world that God has created.  We all dream of cruising on a cruise ship, sitting on a beach on some exotic island, staying in a luxury hotel, meeting new people and tasting new foods.  Holidays and Cash sells what is called a Privilege Pack that provides the purchaser with 12 months of unlimited access to savings on hotels, flights, cruises and holidays worldwide PLUS a host of other benefits.  It’s only $240 USD once a year with NO monthly recurring fees and no monthly recurring charges.  We distribute 60% of our sales revenue back through a unique rewards program that is paid weekly.  When members introduce others to H&C who purchase Privilege Packs and there people in turn tell others, the cash rewards are paid out, which can develop into a serious weekly income.  It’s a global opportunity too so you can expand your network of happy travellers anyhwhere in the world. The cash rewards are paid as 4 different income streams. The first one is on personal sales.  Every time you make 3 personal sales you can earn around $100 USD. #2 is paid on team sales where you can qualify to earn around $140USD on every 9 team sales.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: ok, go on… it’s sounding..(or reading ) intereseting
Michael Faust says: #3 is a royalty income where you can qualify to earn 10-20% of the weekly income generated by members you’ve personally introduced.  You might now be a rock star, a movie star, write a famous novel but now you can earn a weekly royalty income by helping others make money
Michael Faust says: #4 is the one everyone strives for. 4 times a year we hold a luxury 5 day retreat in an exotic location and take away our top leaders and spoil them paying their air fares, accommodation and most other expenses.  Imagine being able to go to exotic international destinations with your partner up to 4 times a year and someone else pays the bill…it doesn’t get any better.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: wow. And you said Nigerians are already the top earners in this company?
Michael Faust says: yes….I guess where the need is the most the desire is the highest

Adeolu Akinyemi says: What did they have to do to achieve this, and what does anybody have to do to gain a lot from Holiday and Cash.
Michael Faust says: The key is to consistently introduce H&C to new people every week, develop your personal sales, train your new members and teach them how to duplicate what you are doing.  The good thing is H&C has put together a comprehensive step by step, training and support system complemented by world class marketing tools so members do NOT have to be marketing gurus to succeed.  Each member receives their own professional website, powerpoint presentations, and weekly live online presentations hosted by top presenters that will leave no doubt in the minds of others that H&C is a genuine opportunity to save money and make money.  It’s NOT a get rich scheme but it is a get rich program IF you do the work.  We have members earning $100 up to $1,000USD+ in their first week and doing that consistently with consistent part-time effort.  We have leaders who are full-time who now earn more than $5000 a week
Michael Faust says: I meant is is NOT promoted as a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Ok
Michael Faust says: The way I look at it is people more than ever are going to work hard for the next 2-5 years in their current profession so by simply spending 6-10 hours a week part-time with NO risk to their current profession they can generate a new weekly income stream that can develop into a full time income and much more allowing them to go full-time with H&C if they choose and make money from home OR anywhere in the world.   They could ultimately be on PERMANENT vacation!

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Forgive me for comparing your company to another, but many people have participated in board based Travel oriented Networking business, and many have not earned anything? Is this really different?
Michael Faust says: They are worlds apart.  Let me explain. 1. H&C has a REAL travel product that is very diverse and our product range and benefits are being expanded all the time ensuring that the foundation of the company is a legitimate product. 2. The typical board program company allows (and often encourages) members to buy multiple purchases to advance in their compensation program. As soon as you purchase more than once trying to buy multiple positions you are playing these programs like a money game with little concern for the legitimacy of the product or the opportunity. The companies love it because they make more money but the poor member more than often just ends up out of pocket, embarrassed, and disappointed.  In H&C members only purchase ONE Privilege Pack but they receive THREE positions in the rewards program so NO one needs to buy multiple ids.  We are attracting a lot of high profile professional networkers because of this.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Hmmm
Michael Faust says: 3.  Board programs entice people with the BIG carrot payouts but the reality is less than 3-4% at the most of members ever make money and the big carrot gets so far away most people lose hope.  In H&C we pay weekly and have MORE people earning MORE money MORE often. You can’t plan your life or dreams around a big carrot that may never come but you can make REAL plans and build a DREAM around weekly rewards that are consistent.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: hmm… sounds interesting. I know for a fact that you have participated in board based Network Marketing before, I know for a fact that you were the marketing director of Clubfreedom at some point. How is it that even though you have lots of people who joined clubfreedom through you and haven’t been rewarded, you are promoting a different program? What did you tell your people in CF and do you think this new program is the solution?
Michael Faust says: That’s a good question.  Board programs were very new and when I worked with CF it was my first board based program I had experienced.  CF had grown to over 100,000 members in 9 months  prior to my joining the corporate team which by anyone’s figures was phenomenal success so I was naturally excited about an opportunity to continue that expansion and add my consulting experience.  During my time with CF I spent a lot of my time enhancing communication between the company and the members, putting a public face behind the company, conducting events around the world, and creating more marketing materials.  However over time I observed that the board program had some fundamental issues that I would not fix and it was very frustrating.  It’s line any business you can focus on the problem or look for a solution.  I saw the only real solution was to start fresh and create an entirely new model that addressed all the areas of concern that had been raised by CF and other similar board programs which resulted in the creation of H&C.  The way to ensure that things were done as I knew they should is to be in control as an owner and not as an employee or consultant.  With H&C I can determine the direction the company takes and the choices it makes to ensure we learn from the experiences of others and offer better outcomes. Sometimes you just have to make a NEW decision on NEW information.  That’s what alot of CF members have done and they are reaping the rewards.  The results speak for themselves.  The boards programs are all stalling because people are seeing the flaws and recognising that big carrots are not as attractive if you never get to eat them.  We have nothing but GOOD NEWS stories from members.  But it’s not just the rewards or the money.  We have a culture with H&C where ALL members are valued, where leaders are cherished, and everything is done with a spirit of excellence.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: You already have a lot of old CF members that have joined H&C?
Michael Faust says: People want to be associated with a company that is laying down a strong foundation so they will be there for the long term.  This means that the effort you invest today will pay off in the future.  There is NO room for short cuts. We have members from many board programs joining H&C many very new to our binary type rewards program.  They are wanting a program that is genuine for them and for others.  We also have lots of people joining from traditional MLMs and also people new to this industry.  It’s a big market place and there are lots of people waiting to hear about H&C. Being a ONE a year purchase it is easy to make the switch and knowing they can earn WEEKLY rewards from ONE purchase makes the move to H&C much easier.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: I quite understand. With the state of the global stock markets, and few instruments to generate passive income from, it’s looking like Network Marketing is a way to go… but many are still very reluctant to try anything new, haven had a not so great experience with many of the board based programs. Do you have any word of advice for people like this?
Michael Faust says: Everybody responds to failures and challenges differently.  Some become defeated while others dust off their shoes and go again.  What’s the difference.  Firstly you to realise that failures are only stepping stones to success.  Every millionaire will tell you they failed many times before they became a millionaire.  Secondly you have to decide what you can learn from the past and make better informed decisions so you do not repeat the same mistakes.  Thirdly you have to have dreams that are BIG enough and IMPORTANT enough to get you past the failures.  Lastly you to decide what is your identity.  I was told by almost everyone I knew through my school years and early working years that I was a “stutterer” and would NEVER be a good communicator, that I would be able to take advantage of opportunities like others because of my stuttering.  I changed my identity from a stutterer to a person who stutters occasionally.  It’s the same with success.  You can become a ‘failure and a quitter” or you can recognize that they were important lessons to learn to prepare you for true success, and that you are destined for success, not failure.
Michael Faust says: People can keep looking backwards at their life wishing things were different or you can take decisive action based on NEW decisions made on NEW information and just get busy working a NEW plan for success.  We all have choices to make.  I encourage everyone to keep strong, keep their faith and belief in their dreams, keep their faith in people, and realise that anything is possible if you dream big enough and believe you deserve those dreams

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Standing by the sidelines and listening, I see a lot of H&C activity going on… I have no doubts it will be big in Nigeria, when is the best time to join, where can people find out about the opportunities and how much can the average person look forward to earning per week? …and for how long?
Michael Faust says: Best join to join is when a person is ready to commit to their success.  You can join at the start and do nothing and timing meant nothing.  I live near the beach where surf board riding is very popular so I look at it like this.  If you position yourself at the start of a wave and paddle hard at the beginning you can soon catch that wave and it will carry you all the way to the beach.  But if you wait too long you often end up under the wave.  Timing is critical.  Hardly anyone knows about H&C right now however if you wait many people you know would have already joined. People can find out more about H&C through each members website which has a great tour, videos, testimonials, samples of the travel deals, and live statistics of the rewards payments.  They can also access powerpoints, blogs, and even live online presentations held each week. There are no income guarantees except that if you do nothing you will earn nothing.  However we have many members earning $100 up to $1000+ uSD in their first week and building on that week after week consistently reaching incomes of as much as $5,000+ a week. How long can you make money?  I wish I had a crystal ball but I can say this.  In my 18 years in the Network Marketing industry I have not seen an opportunity like H&C that pays out such high rewards week after week for a once a year product.  We have put everything in place to be around for a long time and with the support of our members we will achieve that goal.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: So, as a parting shot… what will you like to say in one sentence to the over 40,000 regular readers of www.deoluakinyemi.com?
Michael Faust says: ummm….drum roll please. If you are tired of all the hype, empty promises, unanswered questions, and broken dreams, then they will find H&C very refreshing.  If you are serious about your success, are teachable, and a team player than H&C can become a home for you where you will be valued, edified, respected and your dreams will be cherished. Join us now and join a global community that is going to change the world, one person at a time.

Adeolu Akinyemi says: Thanks Michael for your time, I believe it’s very late in Australia now.. thanks for your time.

Michael Faust says: my pleasure…my bed is calling…have a good day!


Following the interview to this stage shows your desire to make extra weekly income. If you want to know  more about this programme, visit Holidays & Cash. And remember to ONLY sign up if you are ready to do the work.