Author: Emmanuel Oluwatosin
Husband / Father / God's lover / Kingdom Addict / Heaven's Ambassador on earth | Co-founder, MoMo Nigeria lover of technology & startups / business | Interested in BoP solutions / services| Feel free to contact me for help / advice via emmanuel[@]oluwatos[dot]in |

Solving Unemployment And Data Problems

Two problems on my mind right now: Unemployment and lack of data. #BuildTheFuture @opeadeoye @asemota @EmekaOkoye — Emmanuel Oluwatosin (@eolutosin) August 30, 2016 I posted the tweet above two days and it has been on my mind since. I got

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Who Are Your Friends And Mentors?

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Life is a journey and some things happen along the way that may consume you if you don’t have the required support system in place. It doesn’t matter how rich

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Social Media Intern at a Fast Paced Tech Startup

Are you obsessed with finding and sharing stories online? Do your friends look to you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest trends, ideas, and memes? Then, you may be the person we are looking for. Our ideal candidate

10 Commandments for Business Owners

10 commandments of business

I once listened to Cosmas Maduka shared the story of how he started his business from N200. Yes, you read it well. The business – Coscharis Group – that he started with N200 some years ago is now worth multi-billion

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A Student? Now Is Time To Start a Business!

A Student? Now Is Time To Start a Business

There is no better time to be a student than now. Aside from attending lectures and studying, you have enough time to try something else. So, if you are a student, you should rejoice and make the best of the

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