The World’s Greatest Business Mind

I woke up this morning and saw a link from a friend – Ayobami Oladejo. He has just been named the world’s greatest business mind. And virtually all the news media covered the story. World what?…some people  might say. How can this be? You may still be thinking in your mind.  But that is the truth. The guy has just

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Yes We Can: Lessons from Obama’s victory

History has been made…Another dream has become reality. Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States. Obama’s election as president changes dream to reality. It proves that anything is possible to him that believes. Obama’s story is not only one of rags to riches, it is the tale of an outsider who found for himself the inside track.

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Just Before You Give Up 2

Are you still thinking you don’t have what you need to achieve your dream? And thinking it is not worth it holding on any longer? Wait…Why did Napoleon lose to the English at the battle of Waterloo? The English simply fought five minutes longer. Some few years back, I went to serve my fatherland (to fulfil all righteousness). I came

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Richard Branson: Risky Ventures and Daring Exploits

Richard Branson founded Virgin, a loosely knit family of more than two hundred companies, as a mail-order record business in 1970. As CEO or majority shareholder, he developed successful ventures in music, air travel, financial services, retail marketing, telecommunications, and other fields. Branson’s idiosyncratic approach to business and his risk-taking personal life made him a British folk hero as well

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You have what it takes

These past few days have been sort of reflections for me.  Something in me just keeps telling me that I am more than this. I feel the urgency to speed up the pace at which I match my actions with my talks. I was reading the responses to my post Looking for Job, Look inward, and one comment strikes me.

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