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It’s Time To Live Your Life

‘Parties who want milk should not seat themselves on a stool in the middle of the field and hope that the cow will back up to them‘. Albert Hubert Are you going after what you want? Or you are just complaining about your present situation without making any effort to change? Do you still think it is the responsibility of

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How do you use your time?

Is time ever enough? Do we need more than 24 hours in a day to get things done? Have you found yourself in situations in which you wished you had more time? You are not in this alone. Many people have gone through this same phase. Some are still experiencing the same now. You wake in the morning, look at

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Compliments of the season. As we get set for the new year, I will want us to take a look at an important question…”where do you see yourself or your business in 5 years?”. If you can not answer this question in 5 seconds, then you need to sit down right now and take a look at your life or

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How Do You Recharge?

As a business executive or business owner, how do you recharge? I am sure you would agree with me that you would sometimes get to a time when you would need to recharge. Irrespective of how good you are, there will always be a time for you to withdraw from the activities around you and refuel for the next journey.

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Just Do It

What is it that you want to do? Start a business? Get a new job? Get the certification? Write that examination? Read a book? Or even attend that seminar? What is it that you would rather be doing now? Why are you not doing it? What is holding you back? Why have you not taken the first step towards your

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