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Are you keeping eye on the red light?

Traffic lights for vehicles usually contain three lamps: red, orange or yellow, and green. In some systems, a flashing yellow means that a motorist may go ahead with care if the road is clear, giving way to pedestrians and to other road vehicles that may have priority. A flashing red is treated as a regular stop sign. This is exactly

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Are you playing to your strength?

I read a book like two years ago but the lessons have not left me. Most of us might have read the book – George Orwell’s Animal Farm – but I would like to share one of the lessons that came to mind again this morning. In case you have not read it, search for the book online or visit

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Are you in charge?

I was looking through some of my past notes this evening and I saw a story that I wrote down some years back because of the lesson which I do not intend to forget in a hurry. There was a  little Red Hen who found a grain of wheat (opportunity) and decided to make bread (success). She planned and prepared

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