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Generating, Launching and Growing Business – #elevateday

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Are Your Prepared For Your Winter?

One summer day, a lazy grasshopper was chirping and sitting and playing games, just as he did every day. A hard-working ant passed by, carrying a huge leaf that he was taking back to the ant’s nest. The grassshopper said to the ant, “All you ants do is to work all day. You should be more like me and play,

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Manage Your Future

Is life unfair? Do you think you deserve more than you are getting? While many are loosing their jobs, others are getting fat cheque as bonus; while many are finding it hard to pay for their basic needs, others have the resources to buy exactly what they want without considering the price. So, is life really unfair? I read a

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Key To Personal And Business Success

I read a story some years back and I received it in another form in the mail this week. Reading it again this week reminds me of the lessons. The story is long but it is worth your time. Put on your reading glass (if you have got one) and make a commitment to read it through. Just ensure that

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It’s Time To Live Your Life

‘Parties who want milk should not seat themselves on a stool in the middle of the field and hope that the cow will back up to them‘. Albert Hubert Are you going after what you want? Or you are just complaining about your present situation without making any effort to change? Do you still think it is the responsibility of

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