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Are you keeping eye on the red light?

Traffic lights for vehicles usually contain three lamps: red, orange or yellow, and green. In some systems, a flashing yellow means that a motorist may go ahead with care if the road is clear, giving way to pedestrians and to other road vehicles that may have priority. A flashing red is treated as a regular stop sign. This is exactly

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Yes We Can: Lessons from Obama’s victory

History has been made…Another dream has become reality. Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States. Obama’s election as president changes dream to reality. It proves that anything is possible to him that believes. Obama’s story is not only one of rags to riches, it is the tale of an outsider who found for himself the inside track.

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Are you playing to your strength?

I read a book like two years ago but the lessons have not left me. Most of us might have read the book – George Orwell’s Animal Farm – but I would like to share one of the lessons that came to mind again this morning. In case you have not read it, search for the book online or visit

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Just Before You Give Up 2

Are you still thinking you don’t have what you need to achieve your dream? And thinking it is not worth it holding on any longer? Wait…Why did Napoleon lose to the English at the battle of Waterloo? The English simply fought five minutes longer. Some few years back, I went to serve my fatherland (to fulfil all righteousness). I came

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